Shrink Bags NO PVDC

Shrink Bags NO PVDC

Vacuum shrinkable bags: pet/evoh/pe

 9-layer structure, PET/EVOH/PE, which provides a superior barrier against gases, water vapor and UV rays.

Bag types

Round Bottom Seal Straight Bottom Seal Side Seal

Round bottom Seal.

Straight bottom Seal

Side Seal


50 my: Fresh and processed meat without bones, also ideal for sausages.

75 my: shrink packaging for sharp-edged products

95 my: Meat with sharp edged bones (e.g. spare ribs, T-bone steaks, loin cuts, lamb shanks ) High shrink rate (up to 35%)


  • Advanced gas and water vapor barrier
  • Superior shrink rate 50 my (up to 50%); 75 my ( up to 50% ); 95 my ( up to 35% )
  • Overlap sealing capability
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • UV light resistant
  • High puncture resistance
  • Great sealing properties

Sacchi termoretraibili caratteristiche tecniche:

9 strati per l’imballaggio sottovuoto.

Barriera EVOH contro l’ossigeno.

Retrazione 45% a 90/95°C per max. 2 sec in acqua calda. Con la carne fresca max. 86°C min. 80°C.

Saldatura sovrapposta.

Spessori: 50 my – 75 my – 95 my