Company quality policy

Our policy, values and approach to production 

Byvac synonymous with quality and flexibility. Located in Via delle Piane, Località Camparlese, 55025 Ghivizzano LU, the company has been present on the food packaging market for more than a decade. Our company offers a wide range of products dedicated to vacuum packaging. We are present on the European and Extra EU market, guaranteeing punctuality and flexibility, to satisfy the most demanding requests in the packaging sector. Byvac applies its system to the activity of:

“Production of bags for vacuum packaging (flexible packaging) of food and non-food products”

“Manufacturing of bags for the vacuum packaging (flexible packaging) of foodstuffs and not”

Today the Management is committed to the continuous improvement of its system through the constant reference to the organization all about the importance of compliance with all the requirements applicable to the processes developed and the activities performed, as well as compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

In particular, company policy is substantiated through:

Obtaining awareness of their corporate role by all operators;
The continuous search for improvement of the processes and services provided;
The increase in the degree of satisfaction of its customers;
The strengthening of the company position on the national and international market;
Attention to all the elements that contribute to defining the corporate image.
Maintaining a monitoring and information system for stakeholders to prevent complaints;

Following the definition of the corporate policy, indicated above, the Management identifies objectives which are substantiated as follows:

Attention to the customer and stakeholder requests.
Quality of supplies.
Quality of resources.
Implementation of business objectives, the Integrated Policy and, more generally, the Quality Management System.

Periodic system reviews, allow to ascertain over time if the company policy remains appropriate, consistent and adequate to achieve the corporate purposes.

The objectives that the organization defines are articulated in measurable goals and consistent with company policy.

These are also contained in the management review and will be shared with the RDF, measured by identifying monitoring and measurement indices. The results of this analysis will be contained in the management review relating to the period to which the data refer.

The corporate objectives are contained in a specific table attached to the Review itself and re-evaluated at each analysis.

Measurement indices are established for each indicator which are constantly updated towards the objective of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee a product / service based on the maximum satisfaction of its Customers and more generally, of all interested parties, the Company defines as the reference principles of its Quality Policy:

Attention focused on the customer and interested parties:

Byvac is committed to understanding customer needs and plans its activities to fully satisfy them. In the same way it operates in compliance with requests and requirements:

Of the reference market
Of the country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations
Of all the parties involved in their critical processes
Process approach

Byvac identifies the various activities of its organization as processes to be planned, controlled and constantly improved and actively activates the resources for their realization. Byvac manages its processes to be unique:

The objectives to be pursued and the expected results

The related responsibilities and the resources employed


Byvac takes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, making available all the necessary resources and making sure that the planned objectives are compatible with the context and strategic guidelines. Byvac communicates the importance of the QMS and actively involves all interested parties, coordinating and supporting them.

Assessment of risks and opportunities

Byvac plans its processes with a risk-based thinking approach in order to implement the most suitable actions for:

Evaluate and treat risks associated with processes
Exploit and reinforce the opportunities identified

Byvac promotes at all levels an adequate sense of proactivity in managing its risks.

Involvement of staff and stakeholders

Byvac is aware that the involvement of staff and all stakeholders, combined with the active participation of all collaborators, are a primary strategic element. It promotes the development of internal professionalism and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to acquire competent and motivated human resources.


Byvac has the permanent objective of improving the performance of its QMS.