Shrink-wrapped vacuum bags

The heat shrink vacuum bags are formed by 9 PET / EVOH / PE layers that guarantee an optimal barrier to the packaged products.

The heat shrink in hot water is one of the best methods of food preservation, the vacuum intensifies even more at low temperatures, allowing a greater adhesion on the food, contributing together with the cold to a preservation with even longer times.

Immediate characteristic, the brilliance of the packaged product.

Shrinkable vacuum bags are available in weights:

50 my – 75 my – 95 my

These vacuum bags are available in sizes

“RB” (Round Bottom) welding.
Saldatura fondo dritto
Straight bottom welding
Saldatura laterale “SS”
Side welding “SS”

Often purchased together with


9 layers for vacuum packing.
EVOH barrier against Oxygen.
Retraction 45% at 90/95°C for max. 2 sec in hot water. With fresh meat max. 86°C min. 80°C.
Overlapping welding.
Thickness: 50 my – 75 my-95 my

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