Establish itself among the international leaders of vacuum bags, offering customers the highest quality and reliability, with a constant attention to customer relationship and sustainability.

We do not sell vacuum bags, but a product that takes care of our customers ‘ business.

sacchetto sottovuoto cottura


Quality, efficiency and reliability, combined with human warmth all made in Italy: Byvac is a company that takes care of every customer, from the largest to the smallest, giving each one the utmost attention.

An innovative and sustainable reality where there is no waste but only love: for the environment, for the customer and for his product, a vacuum of excellence born to offer impeccable performance.

But there’s more: Byvac also loves the environment. That’s why we’re testing new recyclable vacuum bags, to offer a green alternative that takes care of the world we live in.

Are you a professional and want substantial quantities of vacuum bags wholesale?

Do not hesitate to contact us for information or quotations: we are at your disposal to offer you ad hoc quotes without obligation