The team

Innovation, passion, reliability and precision cannot exist without a close-knit team: Byvac team is young, deeply sensitive to innovation and animated by a  great love for their work.

A team composed most by women: maybe the reason why its main features are empathy, problem solving, speed and attention to details. At Byvac every customer is important, from the largest to the smallest: because all businesses deserve attention and professionalism.

Barbara Tofani

Byvac CEO and founder, she has been able to transform the experience gained in other companies into a great opportunity: the foundation of her own activity, more than 10 years ago.

Since then, the production of vacuum bags has undergone a strong evolution and Barbara has never stopped researching, innovating and testing to always offer its customers the highest quality.

«Over the years I have learned that we should never feel arrived: in a constantly evolving market like ours it is essential to continue to innovate and improve. This is the spirit of Byvac: to bring “made in Italy excellence” also into the production of  vacuum bags for food, clothing and cooking. What should  we never forget? To always  give a smile to our customers. Without it, quality alone is not enough.»