Tropea onions in sweet and sour orange

Tropea onions in sweet and sour orange

14 Oct , 2021 Recipes

Like you, we love vegetables that are always fresh and we don’t talk about freezing them: the ideal solution is to keep them vacuum, they will always be as if they were just picked.

But it doesn’t end there. With the vacuum bags it is also possible to cook recipes to make our vegetables delicious, exactly as for the recipe we want to present today: Tropea onions with the scent of Orange, a tasty appetizer or an ideal side dish for roasted meats.

A perfect recipe to try at Easter! It’s very simple, here are the steps.

1.2 kg. Red Onions of Tropea
15 g. fine salt
25 g. sugar
30 ml. White Vinegar
30 ml. Extra virgin olive oil
1 N° grated orange peel
Clean the onions and cut them into wedges

Put the onions in the baking bag by adding all the ingredients. Pack 99.9% vacuum. Bake in a steam oven at 85 degrees for 25 minutes. Knock down to + 3. Store in the fridge.

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