Vacuum Asparagus

Vacuum Asparagus

14 Oct , 2021 Recipes

Dear friends of Byvac,

asparagus is a delight of the garden typical of spring and since they are easy to cook and tasty, we decided to propose an original way of preparing them…. Naturally vacuum!

In fact it is a vegetable that is often at risk of overcooking, while the real advantage of sous vide with vegetables such as asparagus is that it guarantees constant results. They will be firmer and more intensely tasty than other methods of cooking and will retain all their nutritional properties.

Freshness makes the difference: if you have freshly picked asparagus in your garden, yay! You will ensure a tender and tasty sous vide experience.

But if you do not have asparagus available in your garden and buy at a farm market or grocery store, take a look at the cut tips and ends of the spears. If the tops are still tightly closed and the lower parts look damp, the asparagus is fresh. If it seems that the tops are blooming open, and the lower parts are very dry, the asparagus began to lose moisture. They will therefore still be edible but not at the top of their freshness.

But how do you prepare asparagus with vacuum cooking?
Wash the asparagus thoroughly, remove the white part of the STEM and peel the filamentous green part.

Put the asparagus in a vacuum cooking bag.

Cook the asparagus in vacuum bags using the water bath technique at 85° for 15-18 minutes.

Consume your asparagus with a drizzle of extra virgin oil and a pinch of salt, to keep the flavor intact. If you want to combine them with fresh eggs, a great classic simple but always perfect.

Bon Appetit from Byvac!

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