Vacuum Swordfish

Vacuum Swordfish

14 Oct , 2021 Recipes

Swordfish is appreciated everywhere for its lean, firm and tasty meat; it is also an extremely protein food: rich in nutritional properties of all respect, low in fat, has a particularly delicate flavor and is ideal even for children, given the absence of bones.

It is the undisputed star of many dishes more or less elaborate as the sauce swordfish, sicilian, or cooked in a pan with olives and cherry tomatoes, but in general it is ideal as a second dish for a light lunch, try simply dusted with flour in the pan with white wine and olive oil, or marinated with oil and herbs.


swordfish fillets
olive oil
salt and pepper

for marinating

water, 1 lt
salt 100 gr
sugar, one tablespoon

Prepare the marinade by dissolving salt and sugar in cold water.
Put the fillets in salted water and leave them for 10/15 min, in the fridge.
Meanwhile heat the cooking bath to 50 degrees centigrade
Drain the fillets, dry them well with paper towels, bag them and Season them in the vacuum bag cooking with a little oil and lemon. Alternatively you can try fresh thyme.
Seal the bags and soak them in the bath at 50 °C for at least 12-15 minutes. Envelopes must be completely covered with water.
After the cooking time, the bags can be removed from the bathroom and opened.
If the fillets were with the skin, you can finish them by passing them for about a minute in a very hot pan, so as to make it just crispy.
If it is skinless, the fillets can be directly coated.
Sprinkle with a little pepper and a little oil. It should not be necessary to salt it.